City break: Utrecht

10 September 2020

Responsibly seek out new discoveries? We'll show you it's possible in the Netherlands!

There are (still) so many great spots where you can enjoy yourself in complete freedom. In Utrecht you can enjoy museums, terraces, architecture and many city parks. Outside the centre you can also find beautiful walking routes. Or what about a tour from the water?

Floating Through the City

The city looks completely different from the water. Float around in your boat at a distance from the public on shore. You can go anywhere you want, but we definitely don't want you to miss the Vaartsche Rijn. When the sun is out, many people from Utrecht relax at the quay. Want to make it extra special? Then book a canoe tour at night with the Boat Rental De Rijnstorm.

Train Driver for a Day

A true adventure for the kids, but without a doubt one for parents, too. From ancient locomotives to the newest electric trains: The Railway Museum means playing trains 2.0. This most visited museum of the city isn't just fun, it's also really educational. You can learn all about these fascinating means of transport in their Techlab.

Blow off steam after such an intensive day? Then stay the night with the whole family at the all-train(s) Railway Museum Room at the Stayokay Utrecht Centrum.

Hidden Quarter

One of the things that make a city into a city is that you can get lost wandering through winding alleys. Well, Utrecht is full of them! The Zeven Steegjes (Seven Alleys) is one of the last remaining working-class quarters in the city. What was built as a simple working-class neighbourhood has now been transformed into a sought-after place to live. Can you find your perfect home here?

Brew Your Beer Knowledge

Beers exist in all kinds of types and flavours, but what are you actually drinking? The sommeliers of the Bierverteller can tell you all about it! A fun thing to do with a small group of friends or as a couple. You can really make your beer experience complete with matching snacks and fun games. And do you have a know-it-all in the group? Test their knowledge with a true beer pub quiz!

A Cycling Tour With a Story

What do you know about the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (the New Dutch Waterfront)? With a cycling tour along the Stelling van Utrecht (Stand of Utrecht) you will find out how the Netherlands protected itself throughout the years, using water. Cycle past locks, forts and bunkers that were used to flood areas. Fill up beforehand? Start your cycling route at Fort aan de Klop, where you'll find a restaurant too.

Discover Utrecht

Ready to discover Utrecht for yourself? We've got you covered. Would you like to combine your visit to Utrecht with other Dutch cities? Go on a roadtrip