Beer Bash in Beer Boutique

How much do you really know about beer? Test your knowledge during a tasting at the beer boutique of De Bierverteller in the lively Twijnstraat.

A beer sommelier will be your guide through the rich beer culture and has plenty of specialty beers for you to taste Cheers!

“Want to know everything about brew pubs, I.P.A. and the best beer ingredients? Have De Bierverteller be your guide in the world of beer, of course, with a tasting.”

From brew pub to brewery, from I.P.A. to stout and from hops to malt. There’s so much to tell and taste when it comes to beer. As there are countless different specialty beers, the beer boutique of De Bierverteller is the place to be to discover all about beer. Groups can book a beer tasting upon reservation, possibly in combination with bites (‘culicombis’) and game events, such as a beer quiz. Be sure to bring some beer home, wrapped in a specially designed bag or a box.

Hey, did you know?

One of today’s beer trends is the ‘growler’. With this unique filling system, De Bierverteller taps beer straight from the keg into large bottles of 75 centilitres, allowing you to take ‘fresh’ beer home or drink it at the park. You can also bring your own bottle to fill.

  Bierboetiek van De Bierverteller  
Adresse: Twijnstraat 47, Utrecht    

De Bierverteller