Privacy Statement

We believe your privacy is important; for this reason we explain which information we record and for which reasons on this page.

We need certain data from you when you make a reservation via Apart from reservations, this may also happen in situations where you request information, for example.

We partially process this information ourselves in our reservation system, but it may also occur that third parties receive personal data from us and process them on behalf of Stayokay. This occurs, for example, when you request a membercard or if we send you a survey via email after your stay.

Below is more information on which data we process and for which reason:

  • First and last name and gender
    We prefer to address you by name in our communication. Of course, this information is also necessary to make a reservation. In addition to registering a reservation, we are obliged by the government to register first and last names for the night registry
  • Address, place of residence and country of residence
    Your address is only registered when requesting a membercard or gift card, since we send the card as well as any supplementary correspondence via the post. In all other cases, communication takes place via email. The place and country of residence will still be registered for the reservation and registration in the night registry. Keeping a night registry is a legal obligation.
  • Telephone number
    We ask your telephone number, because we like to be able to contact you by telephone if there are any questions about the reservation.
  • Date of birth
    The tourism tax can depend on the age of the persons staying at the hostel. For this reason, we ask your date of birth
  • Email address
    Almost all communication is done via email, such as confirming the reservation, providing information before your stay at the hostel and sending a survey after the stay. We only send you newsletters if you have indicated to us that you want to receive a newsletter. If you no longer want to receive a newsletter from us, you can easily opt-out via the link at the bottom of every newsletter.
  • Payment data
    For payment of a reservation, we use the secure payment environment of Ingenico Payment Services (Worldline). Your payment is sent directly to the online banking environment of your own bank or credit card company via this platform. We do not see any of your bank or credit card data. We receive a message from Ingenico when your payment is successful.
  • Identification
    We always ask to see identification when you check-in to the hostel. On the one hand, this is to check your reservation, but also because we are required to record the type of identification in the night registry

We are constantly working to improve our service. Based on the feedback you provide by filling in the guest survey, but also by leaving a review on the review website, you can help other guests make a choice. With your feedback, we can also ensure we improve a little each day. In addition to the feedback from the survey, it can happen that we approach you for guest research or guest panel.

Contact about access, rectification or erasure of data

Upon request, we will indicate whether, which and how personal date that concern you are processed. Upon your request, we will improve, complete, erase or restrict your data. Erasing of certain data may result in a situation where you can no longer use (part of) our services. You can contact us by sending an email to

Retention periods

Because we hope that you return to us as a guest, we store your personal data in our reservations system for a next visit, for a maximum of 10 years after your last stay. Personal data relating to the membercard is stored until we receive a cancelation of the card. Data we receive because of an information request is stored until 24 months after handling the request.

Data security

We use extensive security procedures for the security of the data processed by us, among other reasons, because we want to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to these data.

Cookie policy

We, Stichting Stayokay, and a number of external partners on behalf of us, use cookies on the website. A cookie is a small file that we place on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you use our website.

Why we use cookies

By using cookies, we can:

  • ensure that looking around on our website is nicer and easier for you;
  • ensure that you don't receive or need to enter the same information every time you visit our website;
  • measure how our website is used and what we can improve;
  • show advertisements that we believe you will find interesting;
  • register how often an advertisement is shown in order to better fit the ads to your needs and interests and prevent you from seeing a certain ads too often.

You decide whether you consent to us placing cookies

Only if you have given consent, will we place cookies or work with other technologies for which this consent is legally required, such as social media, advertising, and personalising purposes. You can decide whether to accept or decline cookies yourself. You can also always withdraw your consent for cookies.

If you do not want to receive any cookies, you can adjust the settings of your web browser to block the use of cookies entirely. We would like to point out that turning off cookies may limit the services of our websites. You can also adjust the settings of your web browser, so your browser notifies you when a cookie is placed.

You can turn off the use of Google cookies by going to the Google opt-out page for advertising.

There are several types of cookies

  • Analysis cookies are mainly placed by external parties, like Google Analytics. We can store our website's user statistics with this. By measuring website use, we can continue to improve for the advantage of our website visitors.
  • Transaction cookies are used if you have made a reservation and, if applicable, to pay commissions to our partners.
  • Functional cookies are used to improve the user-friendliness of the website. We can offer content that is relevant to you because of this.
  • Marketing or targeting cookies are placed so we can show advertising based on previous visits to our website. We record how many and which ads you have seen from Stayokay. We do this to show you ads that are most relevant.

Which third parties place cookies on the website

Stayokay works with other companies that also place cookies, to collect data or improve their website or ads. These are: Google, Microsoft / Bing, Awin, Facebook / Instagram & Hotelchamp. We like to refer you to the privacy statements of these companies for more information on how these companies deal with cookies.

Click throughs

On, you have the option to click through to the websites of other companies. Stayokay is not responsible for the way in which these companies handle your personal data. Stayokay refers you to the privacy statements of these companies.


Stayokay retains the right to make changes to the privacy and cookie policy. Check this privacy and cookie policy regularly to stay informed.


We have tried to explain why we process personal data as clearly as possible. If you still have questions about our privacy and cookie policy, contact Stayokay by email via

‚ÄčLast change: 20 October 2022