Accessibility for Everybody

Do you have a disability and would you like to come and have lunch with us or spend the night? No problem!

We offer several facilities to ensure that your stay at Stayokay is pleasant. Below you'll find all the information about accessibility and amenities available in our hostels.

MIVA Rooms

We have special MIVA (MInder VAlide) rooms available for guests with disabilities

The MIVA rooms in our hostels are often on the ground floor and have an adapted bathroom, more space and wider doorways.

Would you like to reserve a MIVA room? Please contact the hostel where you'd like to stay to double-check availability.

What you'll find in our MIVA rooms

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Amsterdam Oost Yes No By request Yes No
Amsterdam Vondelpark Yes No No Yes Yes
Arnhem Yes Yes Sofa bed Yes No
Domburg Yes Yes Yes Yes Separate parking
Dordrecht Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Egmond Yes No No Yes No
Gorssel Yes Yes (+chair) No With ramp No
Haarlem Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Maastricht Yes No By request Yes No
Noordwijk Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Rotterdam Yes Yes By request Yes No
Terschelling Yes No Yes Yes No
Texel Yes No (+chair) No Yes No
Utrecht Centrum Yes Yes Yes Yes No

* If no, you still have the chance to sleep in the lower part of a bunk bed. If you need help getting out of bed, this may not always be practical.

Guide dogs for the blind

Your four-legged friend can tag along

Guide dogs are always welcome in our hostels if you book a private room. This way you, your dog and other guests can stay comfortably. Before you check-in, please indicate that your buddy is coming with us, and we'll be happy to welcome both of you.

[Photo description: A guide dog walks with his owner, whose face is not in the picture. The owner has a cane in his hand.]

Accessible hostels

Would you like to have a drink on the terrace, are you coming for a party, or are you attending a meeting? These are the accessible hostels if you aren't staying the night:

  • Amsterdam Oost
  • Amsterdam Vondelpark
  • Apeldoorn
  • Arnhem
  • the Hague
  • Domburg
  • Dordrecht
  • Egmond
  • Gorssel
  • Haarlem
  • Maastricht
  • Noordwijk
  • Rotterdam
  • Terschelling
  • Texel
  • Utrecht Centrum

Disabled parking

Need to be as close to the hostel as possible?

Unfortunately, not all of our hostels have explicitly indicated disabled parking spaces. Would you still like to park as close to the hostel as possible? Please contact the hostel, we'll be happy to discuss how we can help.

Please note that city hostels and Domburg (which is located in a nature reserve) are difficult to reach by car. Check the hostel's route page before you leave so you know what to expect.

We'd love to hear your feedback!

Have you visited one of our hostels while using a wheelchair? Or were you and your service dog guests and do you have any comments or compliments?

Let us know! We do our best to ensure that everyone has a pleasant stay with us.

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