On holiday with your dog

It’s that time again! Man’s best friend is allowed to come on holiday or a weekend away at Stayokay.

Dogs are welcome again from september/november 2021 until march 2022 in selected hostels.


Feel free to discover these beautiful areas with your dog and let your pet sleep in the same room as you. How unique is that?

Dogs are permitted in the communal areas with the exception of the bar and restaurant. Because the dog is spending the night in your room, it's essential to bring its dog bed along with you. These will not be provided by the hostel.

Every dog follows a different diet, so it is important to bring your own dog food and a drinking bowl during the stay.

Dogs are only allowed to stay in private rooms, and only one dog per room. Wikkelhouses unfortunately don't apply.

Ready to book?

You only pay €7,50 per night to bring your dog along! Read the Terms & Conditions, then go ahead and book with these steps:

  • Pick one of our dog-friendly hostels and a private room
  • Select 'Bring your dog' in the next step (extra's) of your booking
  • Finish your booking and get ready to enjoy your stay!
Terms and conditions
  • Dogs are only welcome in Arnhem, Dordrecht, Egmond, Noordwijk, Soest, Terschelling, Texel.
  • Dogs are welcome from september 2021 (Dordrrecht, Noordwijk) and from november 2021 (Arnhem, Egmond, Soest, Terschelling, Texel) until march 2022.
  • Only valid when staying in a private room and max. 1 dog per room.
  • Each hostel has a maximum of 4 rooms available for guests with a dog.
  • Dog owners bring their own dog bed, in-room drinking bowl and dog food. This is not facilitated by the hostel.
  • Owners are responsible for their dogs at all times.
  • The dog is allowed in public areas with the exception of the bar and restaurant.
  • The dog must be kept on a leash at all times in the hostel and on the hostel grounds.
  • The dog may be left unattended in the bedroom when the owner is in the hostel.
  • Dog excrement on the hostel grounds should always be cleaned up by the owner.
  • Any damage caused will be charged to the dog's owner.