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Host: Astrid

About this hostel

A breath of fresh air

Stayokay Egmond is the perfect place to get out and enjoy the beautiful Dutch beaches and the nature reserve Noordhollands Duinreservaat. Are you ready for an active holiday or do you prefer the peace and quiet? This is the right place for you to make your own plans! 

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Staying at the coast

In Egmond, you can enjoy a wonderful stay on the North Holland coast. A day of laying on the beach or wandering through the dunes, that's what a relaxing holiday is all about. Feel like a bit more action? Then visit the cheese market in Alkmaar, make a road trip along the flower fields or view the oldest lighthouse in our country. 

In the hostel

It's immediately apparent, both inside and out; Stayokay Egmond is spacious and has a nice relaxed vibe. A beloved location for families, small and large groups: all are welcome. There's a relaxed atmosphere, cosy bar, sunlit terraces and many possibilities with regards to activities for children and for sports. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are enjoyable and sustainable.

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Stayokay Egmond
Wonderful hostel just off the beach
Check-in 15:00 - 23:00
Check-out 10:00
Herenweg 118, 1935 AJ Egmond Route
+31 (0)72 506 22 69

What to expect

Breakfast included
Restaurant & Bar
Bicycle Rental
Laundry room

  • Free WiFi
  • Luggage storage
  • Wheelchair accessible room
  • Baby beds*

* Subject to availability and confirmation by the hostel.

Breakfast: 08:00 - 10:00


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β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The guest appreciated the bathroom, the breakfast, and the reception. Was less satisfied by the personnel.

Solo traveller from Netherlands, July 2024

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The guest appreciated the personnel and the breakfast.

Family from Poland, July 2024


The guest was satisfied by value for money. Was less satisfied by the bedroom and the hygiene.

Family from Italy, July 2024

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The guest appreciated the bedroom, the surrounding area, the bathroom, the housekeeping, and the breakfast.

Family from Ukraine, July 2024

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The guest appreciated value for money.

Couple, July 2024

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The guest appreciated the personnel.

Family, July 2024

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The guest appreciated the breakfast, the personnel, and the sound.

Family from Germany, July 2024

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The guest appreciated the bedroom. Was less satisfied by the bathroom.

Guest, July 2024

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The guest appreciated the personnel and the breakfast.

Couple from Netherlands, June 2024

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

The guest appreciated the bedroom and the personnel.

(School) group from Netherlands, June 2024

What people say

  • Very good hostel
  • Excellent service
  • Superb restaurant
  • Pretty good rooms

Who said it

  • 65% Families
  • 15% (School) groups
  • 10% Couples
  • 7% Friend groups

Route & location

Public transport

By train and bus

The bus stop β€œRinnegom” is next to or on the other side of the road, depending on which way you come. There are two bus lines at this stop, the 164 and 408. Both do not run on Sundays.

The 408 runs from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00 from Heiloo station. Inform at Connexion if this line is working.

The 164 runs Monday to Friday from Castricum at these times 06:36 07:36 08:36 14:36 15:36 16:36 17:36.

The 165 goes 2 times an hour and in the evenings from Alkmaar to Egmond but then you have to walk another kilometer.

Note: you can not pay with cash in the bus. Provide a charged travel card or a debit/credit card. Please always check your journey on

Private transport

Free parking

From the north take the A9 in the direction of Alkmaar and then the N9 towards Den Helder. Next take the Egmond exit. At the intersection go straight on in the direction of Egmond-Binnen and Castricum. After approximately 250 m you will see the hostel on your right, next to the stables. From the south, take the A9 in the direction of Alkmaar. Take exit 10 towards Zaanstad/Uitgeest/Castricum. From Uitgeest head towards Castricum. After Castricum proceed through Bakkum to Egmond. Continue towards Egmond aan de Hoef. This road leads you to Egmond-Binnen. The hostel is on your right, next to the stables.

Are you using a navigation system? Then hold on to Rinnegommerlaan 1, Egmond aan de Hoef.


Parking is available next to the hostel and is free. You can charge your electric car at a charging station here.



We work hard every day to ensure a sustainable stay. Did you know all of our hostels are certified with the EU Ecolabel? We're quite proud of that. Below, you can find our sustainable solutions at Stayokay Egmond. Want to read more? Check out our sustainability page.

Mission zero
  • 100% green energy
  • Green gas
  • 100% LED lamps
  • Double glazing
  • Charging station electric cars (at hostel)
  • Charging stations electric bicycles
Close the loop
  • Circular corporate clothing
  • Waste separation
  • Orbisk Zero Food Waste
  • Frying fat recycling for biodiesel
We love H2o
  • Plastic-free buffet
  • Plastic soup art wall
  • Free water tap
  • Water saving taps
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Eco-friendly shampoo / body wash (for sale)
Feel good
  • Bike rental
  • Organising cleanups
  • Vegetarian options
  • Vegan options
  • UTZ coffee & fairtrade tea
  • Organic drinks
  • Organic bread
  • Children's book exchange

Join us for a bite?

Our chefs provide an extensive breakfast and dinner buffet daily. Always with tasty veg(n), organic and local products. Going on an all-day adventure? Then bring a packed lunch!

Reserve your dinner when booking or check out the daily menu on the chalkboard at reception. Also discover our small Γ  la carte menu in the Stayokay restaurant. Did someone say pizza, appetisers & cocktails?

Good to know

You'll be given bed linen upon arrival to make your own bed. Towels are not included but can be rented at the hostel.

  • Guests under 18 are only allowed in private rooms.
  • Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18+).
  • Guests aged 16 or 17 may stay without an adult but must bring a completed consent form.
  • Dogs are welcome in certain months of the year. Service dogs are always allowed in private rooms.
  • You can stay a maximum of 7 consecutive nights at the same location.
  • This is a cashless hostel. You can pay with debit or credit card. We do not accept cash money.

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