Canoeing or Kayaking

Do you like to be active on the water? Rent a canoe or kayak in recreational area Het Maalwater at Heiloo. Paddling through the water, you’ll discover the beauty of the polder landscape of Noord-Holland. Got enough strength in your arms? Set sail for Alkmaar!

“On Het Maalwater on the western edge of Heiloo, you can bob around in a kayak, canoe or on a pedalo.”

Maalwater, Zuiderneg and Noorderneg together form a long-stretched walking trail on the western edge of Heiloo. You can bob around in the water around the park where you can picnic, play and even take a dip in the water. Did you bring your kids? Rent a pedalo. There are lifejackets available. For bigger kids who can swim, there are cool, unsinkable sit-on kayaks for a bit of roughhousing on the water. Ever wanted to try paddle boarding? That’s also possible here.

Hey, did you know?

Every now and then, nature walks are organised in Noorderneg. Starting point of a walking trail is swimming pool Het Baafje. Keep an eye on the website of IVN Noord-Kennemerland for up-to-date dates and times. Of course, you can also walk through the park by yourself.

  Kanoverhuur Het Maalwater
Address: Maalwater 10, Heiloo  
Open: see website


Kanoverhuur het Maalwater