Trains through time

There’s every chance that after visiting the Spoorwegmuseum, your child will want to be a train driver because all those old steam and electric locomotives leave a lasting impression! Another highlight is a ride in the Jumbo Express.

“Admire historic trains, ride in the Jumbo Express and put yourself in the guard’s shoes.”

Utrecht’s Spoorwegmuseum (railway museum) is the city’s most popular museum and is great for families. For instance, in the Techlab you’ll find out how the brakes on trains work and how trains don’t keep derailing. You can also put yourself in the guard’s shoes and make an announcement. There are lots of historic carriages and locomotives on display and you can ride on the Jumbo Express to discover the museum’s hidden places.

Nice to know

The Spoorwegmuseum is at Utrecht’s Maliebaanstation, which was built in 1874. Tickets for the museum can be bought at the nostalgic ticket office in the old station building. You can then walk along the tracks to the museum building.

  Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht
Address: Maliebaanstation, Utrecht
Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm (and Mondays during school holidays) 

Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht