Group accommodation in North Holland

We'll help you select one of the nicest locations in North Holland, and make sure your group has everything you need. We have a number of unique locations in North Holland that will make your group outing an unforgettable experience. For example, you can stay overnight in a heritage-listed canal house or even a 13th-century castle!

In North Holland, you can choose from the following Stayokay locations and hostels:

At Stayokay, you can book your group accommodation in North Holland with just a few clicks. We offer the most unique hostels in the Netherlands, providing pleasant, comfortable accommodation for any group. Our clean, modern hostels are ideally equipped for groups and also guarantee that you’ll have an affordable stay!

North Holland is the perfect province for a group outing – it offers a wealth of opportunities for group activities. Whether you prefer the great outdoors or a lively city, anything is possible in North Holland. From our hostels, you can explore exciting cities like Haarlem or Amsterdam or get some fresh air at one of our locations on the North Sea!

No matter what type of group you’re visiting North Holland with, Stayokay always has suitable group accommodation. Are you looking for a nice place to stay for a family reunion or a company outing? How about a school trip or a weekend getaway with friends? At Stayokay, you can be sure that you’ll get a beautiful location with all the amenities.

In addition, all Stayokay hostels in North Holland serve delicious food and drinks, breakfast is included in your booking*. Bed linen is also provided free of charge. Want to save even more? Simply order a Stayokay Card and get a discount of €2.50 per night!

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* Breakfast is not included in Amsterdam, but can be booked separately.