Accommodation for School Groups

"School camps at Stayokay are always well-arranged!"

It's nice to hear that from client, and no wonder, because we really are veterans in this area: we've been organising school trips for almost 90 years. We know the surroundings of each hostel like the back of our hand.

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From Amsterdam to the Achterhoek

You'll find Stayokay hostels throughout the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to the ‘Achterhoek’ in the east of Holland. They're always located in the most beautiful surroundings, which we know like the back of our hand. We'll gladly help out and provide your group with tips!

We can help you figure out the room arrangements and all kinds of educational activities: sporty, outdoor or cultural. We can also take care of a lunch to go, rental halls and special rooms for teachers. And if you have special dietary needs our chefs can cook special meals on request.

We can even take over organisation of the entire trip. How relaxed is that?

20 Stayokay Hostels

Why Stayokay?

We want to make sure that your stay will be the best it could possibly be, and we also think about the world around us. And that means making sustainable choices: from breakfast to separating waste and from company clothes to (bunk) beds.

There are also all kinds of possibilities to add educational elements to your school programme that (also) make a teacher’s heart leap. What about building rafts, beachcombing or visiting the Natuurpodium centre? There's an educational experience for every age.

Primary Schools

A primary school camp for the whole class to never ever forget. That’s what we all aim for.

We know that you, as a teacher, have enough to do. That’s why we like to think along and will take care of everything you want to give us control over.

From room arrangements (including rooms for teachers) to a packed lunch and from hall rentals to clean sheets - everything is taken care of. The buffet meals are mainly prepared organically by our chefs - even the fries! There are plenty of super fun activities around the hostel, from GPS trails to forest golf - some are even completely free.

Secondary & higher education

Introduction week or project week? At Stayokay, you'll make great memories and have a lot of fun.

We offer a package deal for secondary and higher education. From room arrangements (including rooms for teachers) to a packed lunch and from hall rentals to clean sheets - we'll gladly take care of everything. The buffet meals are mainly organic, so we’ve also thought about the world around us.

If you want to rent bicycles, do some outdoor sports with your group or rather want to make sure they learn something creative or cultural, check out our many possibilities - some of which are completely free! There's always something to do in and around our hostels.

Do you have specific wishes, such as a room for a reading, party or guest lecture? Or do you want to rent the entire hostel for a practical week? No problem. What’s more: many of our hostels have a nice bar. And, let’s be honest, that’s something your group will undoubtedly find important.

Stay4all Foundation

Going to camp with everyone!

Going to school camp is a lot of fun. Going on an adventure together, telling each other stories after a great day in nature and, of course, the final party. Unfortunately, not every parent can contribute financially to such an adventure, which means not everyone can join in.

And that’s not okay, which is why we have Stay4all Foundation. The fund allows us to pay for the stay of pupils whose parents cannot afford to pay for camp. This is intended for all educational groups that contain children up to 18 years of age, for both Dutch and Belgian schools. That way, the whole class can go on an adventure together - just the way we like it! Since last year, we have also made it possible for families living in poverty to enjoy a short holiday at Stayokay.

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