Sustainable Group Activities

"Fill your backpack with experiences, not things"

That's been our life quote for over 90 years. Since 1929, Dutch and international guests have checked in at Stayokay for new adventures. We want to make a selection of the best and most sustainable experiences for our guests. So we can bring your trip to a higher level!

Come along with us

The best experiences happen once you get out there

More and more of our hostels offer special sustainable activities for you and your group. Every hostel has its own network of sustainable partners.

You can find inspiration for sustainable exploration around the hostel. But you can also already have a quick look about what will be out there.

Our accommodations


On the island of Terschelling you can enjoy many sustainable activities.

How about Wad walking, a sustainable farm tour, a beach clean-up or a kotter excursion! A kotter...what? Read on quickly! ;)

Activities on Terschelling

Utrecht - Bunnik

You will find this hostel in the middle of our country and in the middle of beautiful nature.

During this trip you can visit one of the most sustainable neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. Or taste the atmosphere in an organic bakery or get inspired by the creators of Twisted Jams!

Activities in Bunnik

Gorssel by Deventer

In the famous region of the Achterhoek you will find this Norwegian Hunting Lodge: the coziest living room in the East!

Are you going for Gorssel? Then you can learn everything about sustainable earth houses, learn to cook deliciously with ingredients from nature and you will realize how important flood plains are for our country.

Activities in Gorssel


This city has many wonderful initiatives when it comes to sustainability, actually too many to mention!

How about a visit to the largest open-air roof farm among the skyscrapers or visit floating farms. Learn more about the circular economy in a former subtropical swimming paradise or let your creative side shine during an upcycling workshop!

Activities in Rotterdam


This hostel is located in the famous Biesbosch National Park and the oldest city of The Netherlands is a stone's throw away.

Here you'll find the perfect combination between city and nature. Make art from recycled plastic and learn everything about innovative technology, sow and reap your own oyster mushrooms or make the hostel even more sustainable! 

Activities in Dordrecht

At Stayokay you’ll find sustainability hiding around every corner.

We're always contributing to sustainable development goals, a better planet and a relaxed stay. From an organic breakfast to recycled clothing for our staff, we’ve got it all! Do you want to take part in any of these activities, or do you have a question about them? Contact our partners and they'll get you all set up!

Stay... sustainble!

From organic breakfast to recycled uniforms

We made a conscious commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship, which is beneficial for society and the environment. We strive to become the Netherlands’ most sustainable ho(s)tel chain as well as a CO2-neutral organisation. Always contributing to sustainable development goals, a better planet and a relaxed stay.

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