Sustainable group activities

We believe the best experiences happen once you get out there.

We also think sustainability is super important. So here are just a few sustainable activities, for you and your group, that we think you'll enjoy.

Flood plains expedition

Duration: 2 hours

Do you know what a flood plain is? You can find these water meadows at many places in the Netherlands: our country has about 37 of these flood plains. You can describe them as an outlet valve between the river and the dike, which floods at high water. This ensures that we are as well prepared as possible for the rise in sea levels due to climate change. During this expedition a professional guide will tell you all the ins and outs by beautiful stories and various water experiments. 

Price* Number of persons Languages
€ 7,00 p.p. max. 30 NL, EN

Earth house tour

Duration: 2 hours

Welcome to this special neighborhood in Olst: the most sustainable living area in the Netherlands since 2015.  Every house is built completely sustainable. For example, the rear wall of the houses are built into a hill for insulation and reinforcement, and the walls consist of car tires instead of concrete. Take a look at this neighborhood of the future with a guided tour. Afterwards there is time for discussion. What do you think of this way of building and living?

Price* Number of persons Languages
€ 7,00 p.p. max. 30 NL, EN

"Wild Picking" and Cooking Workshop

Duration: 2 hours

This workshop takes place in and near the Earth House. What can you find in nature? You will receive an explanation about the found ingredients and how you can turn this is a delicous meal. This workshop is only possible in combination with the Earth House Tour due to the low number of maximum participants. This allows the group to be split up.

Price* Number of persons Languages
€ 19,50 p.p. max. 15 NL, EN

Visit a thrift shop warehouse

Duration: 1,5 hours

Visit the largest warehouse for second hand goods in Europe. 250-300 cars per day come by to deliver their clothes, books and televisions. Take a look behind the scenes of this amazing process from A to Z.

Price* Number of persons Languages
Free! max. 60 NL, EN, PL

Waste is art

Duration: 3 hours

From which treasures of this creative and sustainable workshop can you make a unique piece of art? Go hunt for treaures during the warehouse tour and an artist will help you to create a beautiful collage.

Price* Number of persons Languages
€ 9,50 p.p. max. 60 NL, EN, PL 

Would you like to know more about sustainable holidays? Read our tips here! 

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*Activities may be seasonal. The prices shown can change based on the (desired) number of people. Want to join in with a different group size? Just let us know. There's more possible than you may think! ;-)

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