6 tips for a sustainable holiday

05 March 2021

Going on holiday and exploring special places is the best thing there is. But do you know that you can make it even more fun by going sustainable during your trip? By making more conscious choices, we can enjoy these holidays for much longer. Do you want to know what simple changes you can make to your holiday lifestyle? Read these 6 handy tips and go greener!

1. Cycling is king

If you really want to feel the freedom of a holiday, then of course you should go cycling. There is nothing like the wind blowing through your hair and the sunlight on your face. Every Stayokay hostel rents out bicycles, so there are no excuses. ;-) By the way, did you know that our bikes are also recycled? Our friends at Fixie Brothers reuse the old materials and make brand new steel steeds. We call it reinventing the wheel! And these wheels take you to the most beautiful places in the Netherlands.

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2. Take some water with a Dopper

They're super hip and incredibly handy, those colourful refillable water bottles from Dopper. The Doppers last a lifetime, so you'll never have to buy another polluting PET bottle again. Where can you get them? At our reception desk!

3. Holiday in the Netherlands

Even the Lonely Planet says it: The Netherlands is a beautiful country to spend a holiday. In a few days you can dream among the trees, sunbathe by the sea and get lost in the city streets. We are all for Dutch trips. On the road by train or by bike. This is how we can hopefully keep planes on the ground a bit more often. Need some inspiration?

(Re)discover the Netherlands


Going on holiday also calls for stretching your comfort zone a little bit. Try something more vegetarian or vegan for a change. There are plenty of meat alternatives, especially in our own country. Check out the vegetarian options at the Stayokay dinner. Totally hip and so Dutch!

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5. Spend the night differently for a change

Nowadays, there are plenty of unique locations where you can stay the night. Our hostels are of course located in special places (from Cube Houses to castles). But did you know that you can also stay in tiny nature houses, made of recyclable cardboard? You get to wake up in the middle of the Dutch Biesbosch, in the woods near the Veluwe or in the Achterhoek. You will definitely not forget this experience any time soon!

Check out the Wikkelhouses

6. Sustainable activities

Being sustainable is also a lot of fun! That's why we offer you the best tips for the surrounding area. For example, are you planning to go for a walk on the beach during your holiday on Terschelling? Go and do some environmental beachcombing and clean a part of the North Sea beach during your outing in the fresh sea air. Or go on a walk with the forest ranger in the Biesbosch and learn all the secrets of the flora and fauna.

Our tips

Did you know that many hostels also participate in the National Cleanup Action? We roll up our sleeves and make our environment a bit cleaner. Are you one of the heroes who wants to help us? Find all the info in Dutch here.

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