8x Island hopping: a holiday in the Wadden Sea

24 May 2021

If you think you need to go to Thailand, Greece or the Philippines for a breathtaking island tour, think again. Adventure is closer than you think! Our Dutch Wadden Islands all have their own very special charm and every place is worth a visit.

The Wadden Sea is a World Heritage Site for a reason: plants and animals are able to go about their business undisturbed here. You'll get to discover an incredible variety of landscapes in this nature reserve; from clay polders and dykes to forests and dunes. Many of the areas have been designated protected nature areas. And all this just in the Netherlands!

1. In search of seals

Aiming to spot seals during your holiday on Terschelling? Maybe you can already see a few sunbathing on the coast or on your ferry trip across to the island. If you would prefer to see them up close, you can book a seal tour with the M.S. Talisman. The skipper will tell you all about these beautiful animals and their habitat.

2. Spotting ships

Do you also love to spend your time daydreaming at the seaside? Gazing into the distance at the boats mooring and wondering where they are headed next. From luxurious yachts to old sailing ships and, of course, the Rederij Doeksen ferries. Can you hear the ship's horn? That means new tourists are arriving at the port of Terschelling. You can bet that most of them will pay a visit to the two fish stalls straight away for a delicious helping of kibbeling (deep-fried cod).

3. Up, up, up!

Lighthouses, they're always really special! And we dare say that Texel has the most well-known one in our country. This lighthouse is the only one in our country where you have a view of the sea from three sides. From high up in the 47-metre-high tower, you can see Vlieland and sometimes even Terschelling on a clear day. And after climbing up 118 steps, you will have gotten in a good work out!

4. Cycling across the island

Walking from mudflat to mudflat, well, your legs are going to want a bit of variation at some point. And once you are on Terschelling, you can easily hire an (electric) bike or - go nuts - a tandem! This noble steed will take you to the most beautiful spots on the island: via the mud flats along the panoramic views through the woods and the dunes all the way to the sea. At Zeelen bicycle hire you get to pick out your favourite bike. Are you planning to come in the high season? Then make sure you make a timely reservation.

5. Local delicacies

An island tour like this is bound to whet your appetite! Not to worry, you'll keep ending up in places where you can sample delicious local delicacies. For instance, you can try artisanal sheep's cheese and cranberry ice cream on Terschelling. At the organic sheep farm De Zeekraal in Oosterend, sheep graze outdoors in pastures rich with herbs all year round. During this visit, the farmer will tell you all about the life of a sheep farmer and what that entails.

6. Into unspoilt nature

We've already mentioned it: you'll come across several polders on the Wadden Islands. One of the best known is Waalenburg on Texel. Walk or cycle through meadows full of orchids, wild cuckooflowers, yellow rattles and English grass. While all around you, you can hear various birds chatting with each other. A budding birder might recognise the screeching godwit or the lapwing. Would you prefer to venture out with an expert? Then you can also explore this nature reserve together with the forest ranger.

7. History of the island

You'll learn all there is to know about the islands on this adventure holiday. And although you're present in the here and now, you'll also learn so much about the history of these places. For instance in the Wrakkenmuseum ('Shipwreck Museum') on Terschelling; "a wonderfully weird museum full of enthralling stories." The most fascinating stories come to the surface thanks to things that have been unearthed by divers over the years.

8. Cheers to ending a great day!

All these activities merit a mouth-watering nightcap. And - of course - you would prefer if that came from the local region! You'll find the famous Texels Skuumkoppe beer on Texel. It's on tap in practically every pub or restaurant, but on the island itself, it's just that little bit more special. The Texelse Beer Brewery is located in an old dairy factory and besides Skuumkoppe, you can try a dozen other beers. So, what a great way to wind down from a wonderful islander holiday! 

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