Magnificent mudflats

Have you ever wondered what happens to a beached whale’s skeleton?

On Texel, it will end up at Ecomare, a nature museum where you can learn all about the flora and fauna on and around the island. You can also get a closer look at seals and porpoises.

“At Ecomare you can get a close look at the rescued seals from behind glass.”

Ecomare is at the heart of the Dunes of Texel National Park, a beautiful nature reserve of which the islanders are rightly proud. The nature museum uses exhibitions to draw attention to the natural environment of the island, the Waddenzee (a World Heritage Site) and the North Sea. The museum is also a refuge for sick and weak seals, which you can view from behind glass. In addition, Ecomare organises guided tours and trips.

Hey, did you know?

The Dune Park is also part of Ecomare and can only be reached through the museum. A digital guide will explain interesting facts about the dune landscape, the plants and the animals.

Address: Ruijslaan 92, De Koog