Stop for Skuumkoppe

In virtually every bar or restaurant, you’ll see the tap: Texels Skuumkoppe.

This dark ‘white beer’ is Texel’s best known beer, named after the foaming crests of rough sea. If you’d like to try some other Texel beers, there are tasting sessions at the Texel Brewery.

Gleaming, copper brewing kettles do their job where cheese was once made.

The Texel Brewery is housed in a former dairy plant just outside the harbour village of Oudschild. They have been brewing Texel beer here using local ingredients such as fresh dune water, Texel barley, wheat and hops and an island yeast strain for more than 15 years. Although the brewery’s always busy, a beer sample board in the tasting room beckons when you’re out touring on your bicycle. Besides Skuumkoppe, there are 11 other types of Texel beer to try.

Hey, did you know?

Be sure to taste a glass of Texelse Bock. This autumn bock beer has won several best beer in the Netherlands awards.

  Texelse Brouwerij
Address: Schilderweg 214b, Oudeschild
Open: See website