Remarkable wrecks

There’s so much to see at the Shipwreck Museum. The exhibits, collected over the years by Terschelling’s divers, bear witness to exciting tales of daring and adventure.

There’s everything from messages in bottles to diving helmets and cannon.

Marvel at items recovered from shipwrecks by Terschelling divers.

The Shipwreck Museum describes itself as an eccentric museum full of exiting stories. There’s a lot of truth in this, because you find yourself almost tripping over the many objects found in shipwrecks around Terschelling. Outside in the garden, you can marvel at the larger finds like cannon and anchors. Inside the items are mainly from ships’ inventories. Interestingly, part of the farm that houses the museum is made from a wreck. At the rear of the museum there’s a pirate ship for the kids.

Hey, did you know?

Can you remember the ‘Shoenami’ of 2006? On 9 February of that year, the Nedlloyd Mondriaan shed no fewer than 58 sea containers of mostly shoes during a storm. Everyone turned into a beach­comber and rushed along to the beach to collect shoes. More about the life of a beach­comber is explained in the Shipwreck Museum (Wrakkenmuseum).

Address: Formerum Zuid 13, Formerum