City break: Maastricht

03 January 2021

Welcome to the Burgundian Maastricht! In this city, you'll almost feel like you're a tourist in a different country.

But how else would it feel, with Belgium and Germany as neighbours. The capital of the beautiful South Limburg is all about enjoyment. Whether it's in an adventurous way, a culinary or a cultural way: that's up to you!

A Day Full of Castles

The city is surrounded by hilly landscapes where you'll spot the most beautiful castles. Hire a bike at the hostel and spend your day cycling through a true fairy tale! When you follow the shores of the river Maas, you'll pass places such as Kasteel De Hoogenweerth and Château Neercanne. Once you get there, you can cross the border by taking a single step!

Walking Through Wyck

Prefer to go on an adventure in the city by foot? No problem! Wyck is a neighbourhood where fashion and art meet. One of those typical neighbourhoods where you'll stop at every store display. Prefer to stimulate your sense of smell? Step into Patisserie Royale for a sweet snack or Le Salonard for freshly baked stone oven bread!

French Perils

With this landscape, you would truly think you've ended up in France. But no, you are still walking on Dutch soil. One of the well-known hills, the Sint-Pietersberg, is walking distance from the city. Want to discover some more peaks? Then hire a stylish Vespa and discover the secrets of the south.

Home Is Where the Maas Is

In Maastricht you really can't miss the Maas river! Embark on an impressive boat tour from the water along the historical highlights of the city. Prefer to stay on land? Spot various beautiful boats from the shore or take a stroll along the Maas promenade.

King of Brewing Beer

As we said: Maastricht is completely Burgundian. During your city trip to this city, you can't skip the local specialties. Although you probably won't be able to cover all the dozens of city breweries and culinary hotspots. Are you a real beer lover? Then our tip to you is: visit the steam beer brewery De Keyzer and follow the entire brewing process during a tour. And not unimportant, let yourself be surprised by the taste of their lovely special brews!

Discover Maastricht

Ready to discover Maastricht for yourself? We've got you covered.Would you like to combine your visit to Maastricht with other Dutch cities? Go on a roadtrip through The Netherlands!