Up the Hill, Down the Hill!

Maastricht doesn’t only feel like you’re abroad, you’ll also forget that you’re on Dutch soil just outside of the city.

The rolling hillside, the picturesque villages and the many castles remind you more of France or Italy. Therefore, rent a Vespa, completely in style.

Tour the hilly landscape on a Vespa, passing beautiful estates, castles and vineyards.

The unique thing about Maastricht is that, once you leave the city, you’ll immediately find yourself in the green hills. For instance, the Sint-Pietersberg is situated a short distance from the city centre. Here, you’ll feel like you’re completely away from the bustle of the city. Park your Vespa in one of the parking spaces for a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Subsequently continue your tour through the hilly area and past the beautiful estates, castles and vineyards. The Vespa renter has several beautiful routes available.

Hey, did you know?

To find some peace and quiet, many Maastricht residents drive to Kanne. This Belgian village lies just across the border and is known for Château Neercanne (which is in the Netherlands, by the way), limestone quarries and a mushroom grower.

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