Hip city trip in Rotterdam

01 September 2017

Attention ladies and gentlemen: Whoever only thinks of Amsterdam, London and Paris when planning a city trip to a large European city really needs to wake up.

Rotterdam is getting closer and closer to this top 3 and has become a very popular city trip, both locally and internationally. Surprised? Not us! We know exactly why this is so.

It all starts at the beginning

You get off the train, take the escalator down and enter a huge work of art. Rotterdam’s central station is a true eye-catcher. The highest point of the hall – which was opened in 2014 – is 30 metres and its total surface area is 4,700 square metres. The unusual shapes of the building will make you want to stare at it for hours. There is no missing the fact that you have arrived in a city that is different than other cities.

Would you like to know what it feels like to spend the night in a work of art? Stayokay Rotterdam is actually hidden in the middle of the world-famous cube houses!

From A to B

A large city, little time and a lot to discover. Thankfully, moving from A to B does not have to be expensive or boring. There is a reason why people say “the journey is more important than the destination.” For only a couple of euros, you can take a wonderful trip over the Meuse (Maas) River. Or take a Stayokay bicycle, climb up the Erasmus Bridge and come eye-to-eye with the city’s beautiful skyline.

Immerse yourself in art

The city also offers a lot of art. Enjoy the visual arts in the widest sense of the word at Boijmans van Beuningen museum or enjoy the changing exhibitions at the Kunsthal. Do you prefer art in the open air? Visit the Witte de Withstraat for a delicious lunch or drink; this street positively breathes art and every person you pass is unique in his or her own way.

Shop till you drop

Want to have a different shopping experience than the usual visits to store chains? Get lost in the many wilful boutiques and go vintage! A day of shopping in this port city will guarantee bags full of unique items.

Check the exclusive fashion boutiques in the van Oldenbarneveltstraat, which is one of the most prominent shopping streets in Rotterdam. If you prefer small-scale, second-hand stores, simply continue on to the Pannekoekstraat!

Unique food experiences

Except for excitement about this mini holiday, you might also feel something else in your stomach... HUNGER! But no worries: Rotterdam has plenty of nice restaurants. What about the V11; a bright-red ship in the Wijnhaven where you can get delicious English dishes such as shepherd’s pie.

Another fun place to eat: Tropicana, the former tropical swimming pool, which has now been transformed into the Aloha Bar. They have primarily vegetarian food, but fish and meat eaters can also have their fill. End the day with a drink in the various typically Rotterdam bars, such as Het Halve Maantje or De Gouden Snor.

Staying the night? We've got you covered

Had enough of all the impressions after such an impressive day? It can be a lot! Just know that Stayokay is always around the corner.