Treat your taste buds

The Fenix Food Factory is the Markthal’s trendy sister, located in a former warehouse on ‘De Kaap’. Locals go shopping there, but you can get lunch, have a drink and buy books there too. Everything you eat and drink there is prepared with local passion.

“Order what you fancy and sit down with the other folk.”

The Fenix Food Factory, a traditional fresh produce market run by local specialists and housed in a former warehouse. You can eat sandwiches from Jordy’s Bakery, get your shopping ‘fresh from the land’ or have a beer or two at the Kaapse Brouwers. At the weekend you can have breakfast or lunch and hang around for a drink. Order what you fancy and sit down with the other folk. Or grab a coffee and a new book from the bookstore and settle down in one of the easy chairs.

Hey, did you know?

Katendrecht used to be a rough place. It was once popular among sailors looking for some onshore ‘recreation’.

  Fenix Food Factory
Address: Nico Koomanskade 1025, Rotterdam

Fenix Food Factory