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For a good impression of the visual heritage of the Netherlands, visit the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

This museum manages 166 archives of Dutch photographers from the 19th and 20th century, including Ed van der Elsken and Aart Klein. But the work of contemporary photographers is also on display.

The archives of the Nederlands Fotomuseum give you a good idea of the Dutch (photography) history.

The archives of the Nederlands Fotomuseum give you a good overview of a century of Dutch (photography) history. Additionally, the museum is the perfect spot to meet the many facets of photography. From historic and contemporary to documentary and experimental: it’s all part of the exhibitions. Be sure to browse through the library, with over 25,000 books on photography. You can continue to explore the library on the museum’s website that functions as a large database of imagery.

Hey, did you know?

A photo opportunity is also referred to as a ‘kiekje’ in Dutch. This word comes from Dutch photographer Israël Kiek (1811-1899). He gained recognition by taking spontaneous photos of students. From drunken in the gutters to making silly faces.

  Nederlands Fotomuseum
Address: Wilhelminakade 332, Rotterdam 

Nederlands fotomuseum