Canoe past castles

Paviljoen Buiten immediately puts you in a great holiday mood. Situated along the Kromme Rijn River (Crooked Rhine), a river that flows from the Nederrijn at Wijk bij Duurstede to the Outer City Canal in Utrecht. The recreational pavilion is where to start exploring the region on the water.

“You can paddle a canoe along the Kromme Rijn River past imposing forts, country mansions and castles.”

Canoeing, SUP, kickbiking, a GPS trail – Paviljoen Buiten is all about having fun outdoors. You can take part in various outdoor activities during which you’ll explore the Kromme Rijn region. A canoe trip along the Kromme Rijn River is an absolute must. You can paddle past imposing forts that are part of the Dutch Waterline and beautiful castles such as Beverweerd (about 2 hours upstream and 1 hour downstream). There’s even a pancake restaurant to reward your efforts!

Nice to know

The water-abundant Kromme Rijn River region is home to dozens of species of fish including bitterling, spined loach and European weatherfish. Amphibians such as the common frog also inhabit this lovely area.

  Paviljoen Buiten    
Address: Singel 40a, Odijk
Open: see website

Paviljoen Buiten