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Food, glorious food

There are so many great places to eat in Utrecht that at times it’s tough to choose. The solution is Drieharingstraat, known as the city’s restaurant street. There’s something to everyone’s liking: tasty fish, burgers served with good wine or Indonesian food with a twist.  

“From a better eco-burger to Italian or Indonesian with a twist: there’s something to everyone’s taste on Drieharingenstraat.”

These days there a burger joint on virtually every street corner, but most of them will not beat Firma Pickles. This has been a feature of Drieharingstraat since 2013 and is a must for hamburger fans. The meat is organic, the wine is excellent and the atmosphere is friendly. Another great place is De Markt, a Italian restaurant at number 27. You can get original Indonesian dishes at Spekuk at number 10. If you’re willing to spend more, you can go to Vis & Meer at number 4. 

Nice to know!

The Drieharingstraat is in the city centre, between the Oudegracht and the Vredenburg. There are no fewer than nine restaurants there.

Address: Drieharingenstraat 1-3, Utrecht (Firma Pickles)
Open: Monday to Wednesday from 4pm to 10pm, Thursdays and Sundays from noon to 10pm, Fridays and Saturdays from noon to midnight
Online: firmapickles.nl/utrecht/

Firma Pickles Burgers & Wines


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