3 tips from locals in Utrecht

Something different in one of the nicest cities in the Netherlands: Utrecht! Whether you're going away for a day or an entire weekend, the city has so much to offer that you MUST go back anyway.

Of course we all know the Dom Tower, the Oudegracht and the Werfkelders, but Utrecht obviously has a lot more to offer. Here are three insider tips from our colleagues at Stayokay Utrecht Centrum to experience the city in a different way.

1. Trajectum Lumen

When it gets dark

The best way to get to know the Utrecht city centre as original as possible. When it gets dark, light artworks appear in various places in the city. Go on an adventure with the Trajectum Lumen walking route and discover hidden tunnels and alleys, all of which are particularly illuminated.

In total there are 20 light artworks spread throughout the city. Put on your walking shoes and experience this spectacle of light in locations where you would otherwise not come so quickly!


The music scene

Did you know that Utrecht has a particularly lively and large music scene? Many great artists and bands come to TivoliVredenburg and many have started at EKKO . This used to be mainly an alternative spot, but it has grown into a true pop venue. Many famous bands, artists and DJs once started here, such as Franz Ferdinand, Beach House, The Wombats, The Tallest Man On Earth and Death Cab For Cutie.

In addition to the concert hall, EKKO also has an eatery where you can enjoy different dishes in a fantastic atmosphere, tasty and inexpensive.


Beach in the city

"Welcome to Soia; the nicest place in Utrecht", is what they say at Soia and we totally agree. In the summer this is definitely one of the hotspots in Utrecht. Beautifully situated on the water of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. It's a bit hidden, but that's what makes it so attractive. So don't tell anyone 😉

It's great for swimming and there are numerous festivals throughout the summer (check the Facebook page). If you're planning a weekend in Utrecht, you should definitely go here. In fact, we think it's even worthwhile to come to Utrecht especially for Soia!

Staying the night?

We've got you covered. Check out our hostel in the centre of Utrecht itself.