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Five reasons to visit Amsterdam in winter

03 December 2015

On 28 November, the Amsterdam Light Festival started. The dark days are over as the city is transformed into a true light paradise. Amsterdam will be in the ‘spotlights’ for fifty days. Several light artists have made light sculptures that have been placed throughout the city. You can admire the different light artworks by boat or by taking a walk.  Nothing is more romantic than a winter boat trip through the city of light!


Ice Ice Baby
Ice skating is a lot of fun, but ice skating on the canals in Amsterdam is even more fun! If the temperature has been lower than minus four degrees centigrade, we all go onto the canals.  An afternoon of ice skating is often completed with a cup of hot chocolate in one of Amsterdam’s many charming restaurants. 

Christmas Market
Especially for true Christmas fans, Amsterdam is a real Valhalla before and during Christmas. Each weekend another Christmas market pops up somewhere in the city. Think traditional Christmas markets but also trendy, modern Christmas markets with delicious food and drinks at a unique location – there is something for everyone!

White Wonder Paradise
In the Netherlands, we are very good at complaining about winter weather; we do not like the cold, the wind gusts and the rain, but we do love one thing about it: snow! When stepping outside in winter and walking around in the white wonderland, you will be amazed by the streets, houses and parks covered in snow.

One of our Dutch winter specialties is the ‘oliebol,’ a kind of Dutch-style doughnut. In fact, we love them so much that they test oliebollen country-wide every year in order to find the best one. When visiting Amsterdam in winter, do not leave the city without tasting this delicacy!