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Hostel Egmond - Activities

What is there to do in Egmond?

The surroundings of Stayokay Egmond offer unlimited possibilities. Be inspired by beautiful nature, discover cultural highlights and enjoy the best activities. And all of this right near the hostel!


  • At the heart of the North Holland Dune Reserve
  • Near the dunes, the beach and the sea
  • The highest dune near Egmond measures 38.5 meters!
  • Pine forests
  • Wild horses and herds of aurochs

Culture & city

  • The façades in the village of Egmond aan den Hoef give a clear impression of its history. Don’t forget to visit the castle chapel and castle canal
  • Egmond aan Zee was originally a fishing village, but has developed into a family beach resort over time.
  • Museum Broekerveiling: the oldest sail through auction in the world
  • The hostel ranks among the top ten of ‘most stylish hostels in the world’!


  • Go for a walk or bicycle ride in the beautiful natural surroundings
  • A lovely swim or some fresh air at the beach
  • A day trip to Haarlem [36 km] or Alkmaar [9 km]
  • Play and frolic in amusement park De Batavier
  • Go kayaking in leisure area Het Maalwater
  • Enjoy laser gaming or kart racing in Funcenter Kartworld