What is a hostel?

29 January 2021

You probably have an idea of ​​what staying in a hostel entails. But that image might be from an older time. Are you thinking of only large dormitories? Wrong! Showering in the hallway? No way. Do the dishes yourself? Of course not...

In our hostels you can opt for shared dorms, but we also have comfortable private rooms, family rooms and even separate tiny houses that we call Wikkelhouses. A mix of guests comes to Stayokay. From families to groups of friends, conferences to sports teams: they all experience the social relaxed atmosphere that you won't find as quickly in a hotel!

That's why we say: a hostel is like a hotel with the S for social, and more...

Since 1929

We go way back! National and international guests have been checking in with us for more than 90 years. At first mainly young people, when we were still the Dutch Youth Hostel Centrale. But now we're the sustainable meeting place for everyone. If you stay at Stayokay, you'll certainly gain valuable experiences when you go out and meet people. Fill your life with experiences, not things.

Spontaneous Conversations

Research shows that 1 in 3 young people think they have too little contact with others. But did you know that spontaneous conversations make you happier? That's why we have the golden tip that we've been sharing for 90 years. Where you used to learn not to talk to strangers, we say: do talk to strangers!

With us in the hostels it is very easy to start a conversation, our cosy public spaces are made for that. And the kids? They'll make friends for life in our playgrounds in no time.

Spic & Span

Quality? That's what we stand for! Together with Hostelling International (a network of around 3,000 associated hostels in more than 77 countries) we comply with the Hostelling International Quality guide­lines. Currently, approximately 250 hostels worldwide in 26 countries work with this program.

Stayokay is of course also affiliated. This way you know that you're staying at a high-quality accommodation where spic & span is self-evident.

Special Memories

Do you know Stayokay (or NJHC) from years ago? Come back soon and let yourself be surprised. Time for new memories! Because it's often the memories that enrich your life and that make you happy.

Whether it's a primary school camp, a family weekend or a sports weekend with your hiking group, everyone goes home with a backpack full of special memories. To make your holiday special outside the hostel walls, we have already listed the best local tips for you!


Did you know that holidays and sustainability go well together? We know all about it! Since 1929 we wake up and go to bed with the world around us in mind. In our home you'll find sustainable hints everywhere that contribute to a more beautiful planet and a relaxed stay. And that feels good! From an organic breakfast to recycled corporate clothing for all employees. And of course we motivate you to go out and discover culture and nature. Because that's sustainable too.

Sweet Dreams

Private, comfort or shared room? A theme room or tiny house? There is so much to choose! Whichever room type you choose, each room has its own bathroom.

We like to keep it affordable, so extras are not included in all room types. But you do have the option to add whatever you need, for example full service for a made bed and a towel package. Sweet dreams! 😴

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