City break: Haarlem

05 January 2021

Responsibly seek out new discoveries? We'll show you it's possible!

There are (still) so many nice places where you can enjoy yourself in complete freedom. A little bit of sea, a little bit of green, a little bit of city: Haarlem has it all! Cycle to the beach, wander through a city park or eat out in the streets around the Grote Markt. Are you getting excited?

Surfing Classes at Surfana

If you think catching a wave is only for die hards, you're wrong! Surfing is for the young and the old, given that you are coached properly.

At Surfana in Bloemendaal you're at the right address to learn the ins and outs of the water sports world. Safety first, but it's mainly really fun. Are you able to stand on the surfboard?

Nature, Wild and Wanted

Whoever has a bit of Freek Vonk inside them, cannot miss the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland.

You'll get close to Scottish Highlanders, wild horses and deer. In this 3800-hectare nature reserve, fauna and flora can do their own thing. Get on top of the dunes, walk through untouched forests and end your adventure on the beaches of the North Sea.

Haarlem’s Pride

Every local will tell you: the Jopenkerk is the place to be for a drink. These dedicated beer brewers have a massive list of treats for you.

With a huge, expansive terrace you can safely enjoy the sun here with your family or a small group of friends, or start off your evening. Once inside, you'll immediately notice the shiny kettles. That's where up to this day, your tasty beer is being brewed.

Art of the Centuries

Besides nature and culinary experiences, this city also offers a big selection of art. One of the main figures is the Teylers Museum at the Spaarne canal.

One foot inside will teleport you straight to the 18th Century. Thanks to Pieter Teyler van der Hulst, who collected all these works of art and science throughout his lifetime. You can also sniff around among fossils, old coins, and even perform scientific experiments.

Take a backyard peak

Do you often wonder what there is to see behind gates and doors? Then a courtyard walk is for you!

"Hidden are Haarlem's courtyards like covered secrets spread across the city." They consist of small cottages attached to a beautiful backyard. There is no need for camouflage, you're more than welcome to sneak a peek!

Discover Haarlem

Ready to discover Haarlem for yourself? We've got you covered. Would you like to combine your visit to Haarlem with other Dutch cities like Utrecht and Rotterdam? Good choice! Go on a roadtrip through the Netherlands.