A climate-neutral stay

By using green energy, we directly decrease our impact on the natural resources of the earth and our CO2 emission is lowered. Will you help us?

By paying an extra fee of €0.20 per night when you are booking your stay, you will be able to compensate for your stay’s CO2 emission. We use the total amount to make all energy green; we invest it in wind power.

Did you know…

  • ... There are 2,200 wind turbines present in the Netherlands?
  • ... 10% of Dutch electrical power is generated sustainably?

There's a wind of change

The Netherlands has always been famous for its authentic windmills

But nowadays we are turning to more modern wind turbines which generate electricity using an inexhaustible source of energy: the wind. It only makes sense to use it!

An interesting fact: one wind turbine generates around 6.6 million kWh annually, and Stayokay uses around 3.5 million kWh annually. So, within two years, we use the energy provided by one wind turbine.

From now on, you, as a guest, will be able to choose to compensate for the CO2 emission generated by your stay at Stayokay. We will use all the money we raise from your contributions to invest in ‘a fresh wind of change’ at Stayokay over the coming years!