Jars full of Treats

Kesbeke Zoet & Zuur is the place to be for the most delicious pickled products. Nowadays, it’s the only Amsterdam business left that preserves pickled products.

In the shop in Amsterdam West, you can buy their entire product range of pickled products, but they also have special oils, vinegars and everything you need to preserve your own fruit and vegetables.

This 70-year-old business is the only remaining business making Amsterdam pickled preserves, such as onions and gherkins.

The history of Kesbeke goes back to 1948, when Charles Kesbeke started his pickled products business in a basement on Waterloo Square. Here, he washed, pickled and pasteurised the first gherkins and onions. The Amsterdam citizens loved them and still do to this day. By now, the third generation of Kesbekes is heading the business: Oos. He loves inventing new combinations, such as Jonnie and Oos, a product line in collaboration with famous chef Jonnie Boer of three-star restaurant De Librije.

Hey, did you know?

The most famous pickled products is, perhaps, the Amsterdam onion. These yellow-coloured onions are often served with ossenworst, a raw beef sausage, and used to be sold in the neighbourhoods in Amsterdam from a cart.

  Kesbeke Fijne Tafelzuren
Address: Adolf van Nassaustraat 3
Online: zoetenzuur.nl

Kesbeke Fijne Tafelzuren

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