Lonely Planet's 4 top destinations in the Netherlands

06 January 2021

In the recent past, several different Dutch places have been named top destinations in one of the world’s most famous travel guides: the Lonely Planet.

Of course Amsterdam is one of them, but also Texel (which not everyone has discovered yet) has taken a spot. Read about the best Dutch destinations that you should definitely visit!

1. Texel

According to the Lonely Planet, the Netherlands’ largest West Frisian Island offers an ideal mix of activities, delicious local products, nature and relaxation. The people who live on Texel already knew this, but did you? The white, sandy beaches and beautiful pine forests are true gems on this gorgeous island where you can truly relax. And where better than at Stayokay Texel? So put this destination on your wish list!

2. Utrecht

The gem that hides in Amsterdam’s shadow... That’s Utrecht, according to the Lonely Planet. The travel guide notes that it is crazy that this city is not visited very often. Utrecht still has many medieval buildings such as the famous Dom Cathedral, among many others. The canal with wharf cellars that goes straight through the inner city cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is a unique, historic city with lots of bon-vivant cafés and restaurants, and you will find the newes Stayokay hostel in the middle of the centre. So Utrecht is definitely a must when you visit the Netherlands!

3. Rotterdam

“The future in the present.” That is how the Lonely Planet describes this port city. Rotterdam is mainly famous because of its distinct architecture. The historic houses and ultra-modern buildings form a perfect match. Take the Old Harbour, for example, where the beautiful ‘White House’ is located next to the famous Cube Houses – which were created by Piet Blom. By the way: you can sleep in these Cube Houses at Stayokay Rotterdam! Also remember to go to the Markthal and Wilhelmina Pier during your visit to this special city.

4. Amsterdam

Of course, the capital city cannot be absent as a top destination. With its iconic canals, great museums, many markets and top restaurants, Amsterdam is always worth a visit according to the Lonely Planet. An upcoming trendy spot such as the NDSM shipyard will show you the city from a different perspective. Once a month, the NDSM shipyard hosts Europe’s largest flee market, and it offers many locations to have a bite or drink along the IJ river. Spend the night at one of the Amsterdam Stayokay hostels and make your visit complete!