Get caught up in the Frisian adventure

28 May 2018

Friesland is in the Lonely Planet's top 3 Essential Destinations in Europe of 2018.

Whoever thinks that Amsterdam is the only spotlight of the Netherlands should really wake up and open their eyes. From the city to the coast to the countryside, the Netherlands is filled with hidden gems. What about Friesland, for example? There is more to this province than just jumping over ditches and cancelled Eleven Cities Races. Luckily, Lonely Planet sees this too. And there we are: at number 3 on 'The essential destinations in Europe of 2018'. Time to show off the Frisian gem.

From wild water activities to cuddling with cows

A large part of Friesland is made up of water. The province lies next to the Wadden Sea, the IJsselmeer and also inland you'll come across many cozy villages on the water. Sailing, wakeboarding and walking along the water sports area Langwee; the province of Friesland is the aqua-Valhalla of our country. For those people who want more than just wetness: you can also cuddle with cows like a farmer or walk past the eleven cities. For a holiday with variation, you know where you have to be.

The best of both worlds

If you want to completely immerse yourself in the Frisian atmosphere, then a week in the Northern Netherlands isn't too much to ask. Enjoy the activities in Leeuwarden and then immediately take in the dune and water landscapes of the surrounding villages. Discover the story of Grutte Pier in the Frisian Resistance Museum Cycle past fields, dikes and find peace along the coastline of the Wadden Sea. Whether you long for rest or activity, Friesland offers the best of both worlds!

And what else?

This year the capital city of Leeuwarden holds the title of European Capital of Culture. And the cultural experiences on offer extends for miles, so you can thoroughly enjoy art and culture even close to our hostel on Terschelling.