Cow Cuddling and More

Cows aren’t just for milk, they also have a proven relaxing effect on people. Come by to cuddle with Renske, Hiltsje or Sjoukje at Boerderijrecreatie by the Tjeukemeer lake. Put on your rubber boots and start relaxing! This is also a great location for more action, though.

“You’ll immediately feel totally relaxed when you lean against Bertha or Sjoukje and feel her breathing and heartbeat.”

If you’re going to cuddle cows, of course you’ll be going into the pasture completely in style. So, shoes off, rubber boots and overalls on. And then off to the pasture or stables for some cuddling. Not just fun for the cow, but for you as well. Because as soon as you lean against Sjoukje, you’ll notice her breathing and heartbeat will immediately make you zen. Up for a bit more action? At Boerderijrecreatie, you can also play farmer’s golf, fierljeppen, shoot a canon, play pitchfork darts and much more.

Hey, did you know?

Fierljeppen is a popular Frisian sport and literally means ‘jumping far over water’.

  Boerderijrecreatie Delfstrahuizen
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