200 pairs of glasses to Myanmar

29 February 2016

Ever since July 2015, the amazing cords for glasses shown below have been the new ‘Stayokay gift’ for employees’ birthdays. What makes this gift both unique and special is the good cause that Stayokay supports with these cords for glasses, namely: Gula Vision. Stayokay was able to donate 200 pairs of prescription glasses to this good cause!

What you see, is what they get!

That is the slogan of Gula Vision’s creators, Marcella Simons and Charlotte Loven. In 2014, these inspiring ladies set up the Gula Vision foundation in order to help children in developing countries by providing them with prescription glasses.

In order for them to do this, Marcella and Charlotte started a collaboration with the Eyes For The World foundation. This foundation donates glasses all over the world. They are not like the glasses we know, but rather glasses people can change the focus on themselves. From every cord for glasses that is sold, at least three Euros go to the payment of these glasses. This way, Gula Vision and the Eyes for the World foundation give children in developing countries a chance for a better future.


Marcella and Charlotte have travelled to Myanmar (South East Asia) with the Eyes for the World foundation. The health care facilities in Myanmar are limited, and the percentage of the population that cannot see well is very high, so the girls have been able to do fantastic work there and have made a lot of people happy.

During this special trip, Gula Vision and Eyes for the World have helped people at different locations, such as: an orphanage, hospital, atelier, weaving mill and several primary schools. The employees at the weaving mill can now easily continue their work and multiple primary school pupils can now read the explanations on the blackboard.