Soaring over Zeeland

View Zeeland from above? Skydive Zeeland, a paracentre on the Zeeuwse islands, offers just that. When the weather is nice and you can get up into the air, you’ll get a beautiful view of the sea, land, rivers and the forests and dunes of Zeeland underneath your parachute.

“Once the parachute unfolds, you’ll soar above the Zeeuwse islands like a feather. An unforgettable experience.”

Jump with a view: that’s certainly true when doing a tandem jump above the Zeeuwse islands. Therefore, don’t be late on a nice day – or reserve your jump in advance – because this is usually a very popular activity, which means you’ll have to wait your turn. But it’s more than worth the wait once you make the jump from the plane and are rewarded with a fantastic view of the islands. A jump to remember!

Nice to know!

You don’t have to do anything yourself when doing a tandem jump. You’re connected to an instructor and jump together from a height of about three kilometres. 

  Paracentrum Zeeland BV
Address: Calandweg 44, Arnemuiden   

Saturday and Sunday (April)

Thursday through Sunday (May),

Wednesday through Sunday (June through October)

Saturday (November through March); the paracentre is open on all aforementioned days from 9.00 to 19.00, on Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00


Paracentre Zeeland