Watery wisdom

Do you have any idea how much water you use each day?

At the Dutch Water Museum, you’ll learn all about how water is used in the Netherlands, as well as dyke management, drinking water and ground water. Children can have fun messing about with water as they learn all sorts of things about it.

“This museum uses experiments and games to teach you all about water.”

The Dutch Water Museum is a real activity museum where you find out all about water through games and experiments. It teaches children the important part water plays in our everyday lives. In one experiment using a set of scales, it shows you just how much water your own body contains. On Sundays you can even put on a water professor’s white lab coat and do things like making your own hair gel and changing sea water into swimming pool water.​

Hey, did you know?

The Dutch Water Museum is housed in the Beguines mill, a historic tourist attraction in Park Sonsbeek. The corn water mill was built in 1404 and was once part of the St. Agnes convent, a beguinage.

  Dutch Water Museum
Address: Zijpendaalseweg 26-28, Arnhem
Online: watermuseum.nl

Dutch Water Museum