Walk your way through Arnhem

Are you familiar with the rich surroundings of Arnhem? Step outside and discover what this city has to offer.

There are three routes: past the highlights of the city, through the three monumental parks or the Battle of Arnhem path.

“Discover the city’s highlights, parks or wartime landmarks.”

The starting point for all three routes is Molen­plaats Sonsbeek Visitor Centre. From here you can set off on your chosen route, such as the one that passes through all three city parks: Sonsbeek, Zypendaal and Gulden Bodem. The tour takes you past ponds, waterfalls and brooks. Should you wish to get out of town, follow the Freedom Trail which takes you past 35 landmarks that were significant during WWII.

Don't feel like walking? It is also great fun to explore the Arnhem area by kickbike! If you need a break, there’s coffee and lunch at De Molen­schuur! Housed in the 18th century mill barn, 'A Beautiful Mess' restaurant serves coffee, tea and an Oriental-inspired lunch.

Hey, did you know?

Next to Molenplaats Sonsbeek we find the Witte Watermolen (white watermill) that has been grinding corn since the 15th century. The flour is produced in sustainably using water from the Sint Jansbeek that drives the mill.

  Walking in the Arnhem area
Address: Zijpendaalseweg 24A, Arnhem (Molenplaats Sonsbeek)
Open: see website
Online: https://natuurcentrumarnhem.nl/

Molenplaats Sonsbeek