Ultra-hip urban kitchen

The IJkgebouw in Alkmaar is an excellent example of how a derelict, deserted building can be transformed into a trendy hot spot.

This is where fashionable locals flock to for a glass of wine or to enjoy fine cuisine, whenever they have an hour to spare.

The IJkgebouw’s glass conservatory is a great place for afternoon tea.

When the sun comes out, you quickly feel the urge to seek out a spot on a terrace overlooking the North Holland Canal. Have a look inside first thought because you’ll be amazed at the IJkgebouw’s superb industrial design and the seating in the conservatory. It’s is a great place for afternoon tea too. There’s soup for starters, followed by sweet and savoury snacks. Check out the menu and you’ll definitely be back soon for dinner.

Hey, did you know?

The IJkgebouw has had various functions since being built in 1877, when it served as an office for the weights and measures inspectorate, hence its name (Dutch for ‘calibration building’).

Address: Alckmariapad 2, Alkmaar 
Online: deeendracht-alkmaar.nl

IJkgebouw Alkmaar