Nostalgic Dinner

‘Emigrate by ship! It will open up a new world.’ That was the text on the flyer from 1959 of the Holland America Line.

With the hope of a better life, thousands of migrators gathered in the headquarters of the Holland America Line, now Hotel New York.

“The monumental Hotel New York is an eyecatcher between all modern high-rise buildings on the Wilhelmina Pier.”

Hotel New York is a historic location of the Kop van Zuid. Everything breathes nostalgia: the building’s exterior – an eyecatcher between the modern high-rise buildings – but also the interior with cast-iron hotel staircase, suitcases and former board offices. Close your eyes and it isn’t hard to picture: all those migrators who gathered here to travel across the sea. Nowadays, Hotel New York is famed for its afternoon tea in the grand café and the most delicious shellfish in the Oesterbar.

Hey, did you know?

Next to Hotel New York is the youngest bridge of the city, the Rijnhaven bridge. This bridge connects the Wilhelmina Pier to Katendrecht and is also referred to as ‘Hoerenloper’ (the John). The bridge owes this name to the district’s rugged past. Katendrecht was the place where sailors would go for the forbidden female company.

  Hotel New York
Address: Koninginnehoofd 1, Rotterdam  
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Hotel New York