Medieval garrison gate

Over the centuries, although many city gates have been lost, Bergen op Zoom has managed to hold onto its original one. As such it is one of the oldest city gates in the Netherlands still in existence. 

“The Prisoners Gate is one of the oldest existing city gates in the Netherlands.”

Bergen op Zoom’s city gate was built in 1350 as part of the fortifications. In 1484 it lost that purpose when extension meant the gate stood inside the fortress. Since it was already in use as a prison, the gate wasn’t demolished. That is the summarised history of the Prisoners Gate. These days the gate is a unique location for Escape the Gate, a fun group game. It is also part of the Markiezenhof Palace. 

Nice to know!

Could you get out of the Prisoners Gate? With Escape the Gate, you have a chance to do so, if you can solve the mystery within an hour. 450 years ago, this would have been unthinkable. The walls are an incredible one-and-a-half metres thick.

  De Gevangenpoort  
Address: Lievevrouwestraat 60, Bergen op Zoom 

De Gevangenpoort, Bergen op Zoom