Domestic Dordt of C19th

If you’re wondering how people lived in the 19th century, visit the house of Simon van Gijn and his wife Cornelia Vriesendorp on Nieuwe Haven. There is every chance you’ll also run into Miss Fijn van Draat, the housekeeper. 

With the ‘Ask Miss Fijn van Draat’ app you can discover how the occupants cooked, cleaned and socialised in the 19th century

Huis Van Gijn used to be where the Van Gijns lived. They bought the house in 1864 and lived there for over 20 years. In his will, the master of the house set out in his will that the house was to be open to the public and that wherever possible, its interior was to be kept intact. To explore the house, download the ‘Ask Miss Fijn van Draat’ app. Interesting films bring the house to life, letting you see the 19th century occupants cooking, cleaning and throwing parties.

Hey, did you know?

Although Simon van Gijn was a great collector of prints, weapons, ships, ceramics and silver, he was not responsible for everything you find in Huis Van Gijn. The attic houses one of the oldest toy collections in the Netherlands, assembled by the Old Dordrecht Association since 1895.

  Huis Van Gijn  
Address: Nieuwe Haven 30, Dordrecht

Huis Van Gijn