Cranberry pie & coffee

A nice informal place to visit with the kids is the Koffiemolen in Formerum.

The terrace is built around the windmill, and there is playground equipment and a sandpit in the garden.

Drop in at the Koffiemolen for cranberry pie and a sorbet.

The Koffiemolen is the name given to the windmill when it was bought by a private individual and turned into a café. It used to be a corn mill and was even relocated from Dellewal in West-Terschelling to Formerum. Although the windmill itself isn’t accessible, you can sit on the lovely terrace or feast your eyes on the nostalgic interior of the ground floor. Two things not to miss are the cranberry cheesecake and the sorbet.

Hey, did you know?

Formerum is the birthplace of seafarer and explorer Willem Barentsz. After his ship became stranded in ice on Novaya Zemlya, he was forced to build a lodge in order to survive the winter. The lodge, ‘t Behouden Huys (The Saved House), has been reconstructed in the eponymous museum in West-Terschelling. 

  De Koffiemolen
Address: Formerum 6, Formerum
Open: daily from 10am to 6pm

De Koffiemolen Terschelling