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Buoyant Bowling

Bowling, that’s something you do when your grandma turns 80 right? No way! Bowling is for all ages. It’s especially great fun with a group, because it remains a bit of a guilty pleasure. Therefore, they take a different approach to bowling in Apeldoorn: with fun themes.

“At Bowlingcentrum Apeldoorn, you can go bowling with a theme, such as in high heels or with a paper cone with chips.”

When did you last go bowling? If you can’t even remember when, it’s time to reserve a court at Bowlingcentrum Apeldoorn. You can go bowling the ‘regular’ way here, but you can also choose a theme. Such as bowling in high heels with bubbles. A red carpet prevents you from falling on your face. They also offer the festive Fiesta Bowling: first bowling and then enjoying delicious tapas. Could you use a bit of extra energy while bowling? Choose the Puntzak Bowling.

Nice to know!

You’ve probably heard the term strike, where you’ve knocked over all the pins at once. Spare is also a well-known bowling term. This term means you knock over all the pins in two throws. The kingpin or headpin is less known. This refers to the front pin of the ten pins placed in a triangle.

  Bowlingcentrum Apeldoorn
Addresse: Nieuwstraat 66, Apeldoorn 
Open: Monday from 16.00, Tuesday through Sunday from 14.00
Online: bowlingcentrum.nl/apeldoorn

Bowlingcentrum Apeldoorn