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Would you like to get to know Amsterdam better? Visit the Amsterdam Museum.

At a stunning location in the former City Orphanage, this museum tells the capital’s tale. And, also has plenty to do for children.

“In The Little Orphanage, children can feel like a seventeenth-century orphan.”

The first residents, the piles, the canals, the port, the Golden Age, Ajax, coffee­shops, the Red Light District: with the Amsterdam DNA Family Tour, you can learn, hear and taste what has made Amsterdam the city it is today in an accessible and lively way. Additionally, especially for families there is The Little Orphanage where children from four to twelve years old can experience what it was like to live in an orphan­age in the 17th century.

Hey, did you know?

Amsterdam started in the thirteenth century as a fishing village on the river Amstel. When Count Floris V granted the residents the right to free passage on the Dutch waters, it gave an enormous boost to economic development. Partly due to the popular trade goods beer and herring, Amsterdam grew into a metropolis.

  Amsterdam Museum
Address: Amstel 51, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Museum, Amstel 51, Amsterdam

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