Sustainable sleeping in Biesbosch Park

01 September 2016

Do you like a ‘non-standard’ concept? If so, then a stay in the unique Wikkelhouse at Stayokay Dordrecht in the Biesbosch is the perfect place for you. In the morning you can step out barefoot onto the grass and smell the fresh morning dew. What a delight it is to drink your first cup of coffee of the day on the terrace of your own cardboard mini-penthouse in the middle of the countryside.

Stayokay Dordrecht is located in a beautiful spot in the Hel and Zuilespolder at the edge of ‘De Hollandse Biesbosch’ National Park. The Wikkelhouse has only been on the hostel campsite since it was built this month. Made from recycled corrugated cardboard, the lodge is the perfect retreat if you fancy spending a short, sustainable break in a stylish place with a penthouse appeal!

Back to basics
The designer corrugated cardboard house fully matches Stayokay’s philosophy as the hostel chain is always on the lookout for unusual places with a tale to tell. Here you will be able to experience something quite special and stock up on some happy memories. There is simply nowhere more unique to stay! Here, you can completely relax and get right back to basics because although the cardboard penthouse is equipped with lots of comforts, there is no heating or warm water. By the way, there is no a butler either because, after all, you want to be alone, don’t you? You can use the showers and toilets in the campsite’s sanitation building 50 metres away. And no there is no Wi-Fi or TV either because here everything is about unadulterated relaxation.

Private spot
What do you get? A cardboard lodge in the middle of the countryside. A stunning, romantic view from this private post, with its luxury Auping double bed and a bunk bed (with linen), living space and a welcoming dining/seating area. It can be booked for at least two nights per stay, but we bet that you will actually never want to leave. The rates for the house: on week days €99 per night and €109 in weekends, breakfast included.

Luxury and sustainability go pretty well together, as is shown by this ‘cardboard penthouse’; a kind of successor to the now highly successful floating Ecolodge, which is also in the middle of the Biesbosch at Stayokay Dordrecht. This floating hotel room even has its own lookout tower.

Sustainability at Stayokay
​The Wikkelhouse is built around corrugated cardboard that is wound around a huge mould while being treated with an environmentally-friendly glue. Afterwards, each section is protected by a waterproof, breathable membrane, similar to the sort found in some rainwear, and finished with wooden panels. The Wikkelhouse only weighs 1000 kilograms and is highly responsible: it is no less than three times as sustainable as a traditional building and will last at least 50 years, at which point all the individual modules can be recycled and the house fully reused. The Stayokay Wikkelhouse costs around 50,000 euros unfurnished, should you wish to build one in your back garden. However, you could of course simply come back and stay at Stayokay in the Bieschbosch!