Holding Meetings at Stayokay

Stayokay hostels not only offer special accommodation options, but are also excellent meeting and event venues.

In front you focus on the PowerPoint presentation, but through the window on your left you see a beautiful part of Biesbosch National Park or the dunes. Amazing, right? Knowing that you'll be able to take a stroll among nature later on! Take a sip of your fresh bean coffee, and check: inspiration will sneak up on you. There's no way you wouldn't want to hold meetings here more often!

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A fully-catered deal

Choose a package deal and have all the most important facilities in a single package.

That way, you won't have to organise everything yourself. These package deals are available for 11 people or more.

Are you interested in a half-day package deal, or rather a multiple-day package deal? One combined with group and team-building activities? We can take care of it!

Of course, 24- and 36-hour package deals for meetings in combination with a night’s stay are also possible. Please contact the hostel of your choice for more information.

Sustainable Enterprise

Socially involved

Fair products on the menu and having fun; in other words, enterprising with a concern for people and the environment.

Stayokay actively involves its staff, guests and suppliers to achieve this ambition. We refer to these initiatives as: Well done!

Read more about our sustainability principles.


On the road with the whole class

By holding meetings at Stayokay hostels, your company is supporting Stay4all: For each meeting package deal booked, 1 euro per person automatically goes towards this project. Thanks to Stay4all, every child will in the future be able to go to school camp; no one will stay behind.

More and more often, pupils have to stay at home because their parents are unable to pay for school camp. Stay4all intends to prevent this by covering the cost of these pupils’ stay so that the whole class is able to go to school camp.

Choose your location

Throughout the Netherlands

An information brochure is available (in Dutch) for each location. It contains everything you need to know about room rental, meeting packages, team outings and rates.

Would you like our advice about a tailor-made program? Just ask, we are custom-makers-deluxe!