The 15 best Valentine's Day ideas

31 January 2024

On 14 February, it's that time of year again: the day of love! Are you already thinking about how to surprise your Valentine? We have listed the fifteen best Valentine's Day ideas for you. From a romantic day out to the most fun activities and outings. So get the flowers and chocolates ready, because with these ideas you will make Valentine's Day a real celebration!

🍻 Valentine's Day idea #1: Hold a tasting party

Whether you love creamy cheeses, delicious sweets, or a refreshing beer, a tasting is a great excuse to try out all kinds of goodies. Surrounded by romantic music, atmospheric candle lighting, and a beautifully set table for two, you can taste and discover your favourite snacks and drinks. Fun twist: taste blindfolded and guess what you are eating. This is a delightful way to celebrate Valentine's Day at home, with fun and a delectably filled stomach as your reward.

πŸ—“οΈ Valentine's Day idea #2: Relive your first date

The first date; you probably remember it like yesterday. Super exciting, of course. Maybe the first itch even arose here! What could be more fun than reliving this date all over again. Go back to the same place, reminisce with each other and put on the same outfit as back then. Bet you will fall in love all over again after this evening!

πŸ›οΈ Valentine's Day idea #3: Spend the night at Stayokay

Nothing is better than a nice night away with your lover. At Stayokay, you'll really unwind. Here, you sleep in a lovely private room with your own shower and toilet. Go on an adventure in The Hague or travel south and spend the night in Maastricht. At Stayokay Terschelling, you can get a breath of fresh air on the wide sandy beach. Don't feel like making your own bed? No problem! In our comfort rooms, that's already taken care of. You can also leave a towel and shower gel at home πŸ™‚ .

🎲 Valentine's Day idea #4: Hold a games night

Rivalry at its finest! Pull out your favourite board games for an exciting game night. Beat up your partner with Jenga or wipe him/her off the table during a game of Risk. More of the big guns? In an arcade, you can't push your luck. Go to the TonTon Club in Amsterdam, the Gamestate in Utrecht or The Game Box in Groningen! Whoever loses at Mario kart pays for the next drink.

⛸️ Valentine's Day idea #5: Put on your ice skates

Of course, with these winter temperatures, there is only 1 right Valentine's date; indeed, ice skating! The perfect time to indulge your lover. Not such a natural? Then stick together. That way you stay upright and warm; win-win! End the date with a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream.

🎨 Valentine's Day idea #6: Go paint together

Bring out your inner Bob Ross and start painting together! You really don't need any painting talent, by following Bob's instructions step by step something beautiful is bound to come out... right? Also fun: switch canvas every 5 minutes and but each other's painting. If you prefer lessons in painting, Sip and Paint is the perfect solution for you! Paint while glasses clink and atmospheric music plays in the background. Tips and advice you will get from a real artist! This Valentine's date is sure to bring lots of laughter.

🍳 Valentine's Day idea #7: Attend a cooking workshop

You know what they say: love goes through the stomach. Of course, you really spoil your other half by putting a delicious meal on the table! Did you know that people get more creative when they cook with their partner? So be sure to pull your partner into the kitchen! Not yet a cooking star? Then follow a cooking workshop at Keukenvuur (in Utrecht) or Kookfabriek (anywhere)! Together, you will whip up a delicious 3-course dinner.

🌳 Valentine's Day idea #8: Go for a romantic walk

Enchant your loved one with a romantic walk and feel the love blossom. This is the perfect way to be close to each other. Walk hand-in-hand through the forest, visit the beach or explore the bustling city and create unforgettable memories. Make it extra special by organising a cosy picnic! Enjoy delicious sandwiches, hot drinks and sweet treats; success guaranteed! Conclude this romantic day at one of our nature hostels in Apeldoorn, Gorssel, Dordrecht or Soest or come and spend the night in one of our Wikkelhouses.

🎁 Valentine's Day idea #9: Make a scrapbook of your relationship

Collect the best memories of your love story. From your cutest photos together, meaningful receipts to old cinema tickets and heartwarming love letters. Take a journey together through the wonderful moments you shared, and create an enchanting book you can cherish forever. This creative idea for Valentine's Day is sure to warm your hearts and create a memory you will never forget!

⛱️ Valentine's Day idea #10: Plan ahead for your next holiday

What could be finer than dreaming away together at pictures of snow-white beaches and palm trees? Lovely to have the prospect of a holiday for two in this cold winter weather! Book your holiday at Stayokay and choose from 20 different locations in the Netherlands. Spend a night in a castle, in the heart of Amsterdam or stay among the trees in a Wikkelhouse; Stayokay is the place to be! Tip: throw a dart at the map of the Netherlands and let fate decide where your next destination will be. Just picking is a party!

πŸ›‹οΈ Valentine's Day idea #11: Give your house a makeover

Tired of the wallpaper in the bedroom or in need of a new sofa? Schedule a date at Ikea and fall in love with your place again! Are you both short of cash? The thrift store often has a lot more than you think! Buy an old piece of furniture together and refurbish it completely to your taste. The ultimate relationship test πŸ˜‰

πŸ₯ Valentine's Day idea #12: Surprise your loved one with breakfast in bed

What could be more romantic than surprising your loved one with a fresh breakfast in bed? Fresh orange juice, crispy croissants, soft-boiled eggs or heart-shaped pancakes with the most delicious toppings; this is your chance to show your loved one how much you care. Don't forget to add a sweet note to express your love and win their heart extra.

β˜• Valentine's Day idea #13: Go on a coffee date

Both busy on Valentine's Day, but still feel like doing something fun? Then a coffee date is the perfect solution! Sneak away during your break to meet up at your favourite coffee shop. Endless chatting and eating sweets is of course possible at The 5th at Stayokay Utrecht Cenrum, Amsterdam Oost, The Hague and Maastricht. A fun and delicious idea for this Valentine's Day!

🎭 Valentine's Day idea #14: Go to a concert or theatre

Looking for a fun activity to do on Valentine's Day? Go to a concert or theatre performance together! See what's playing at the local theatre and pick something random. Who knows, you might discover a new artist together that you both absolutely love. A super fun date guaranteed!

🎱 Valentine's Day idea #15: Beat each other at pool

Fancy a game of pool? Visit one of the many pool venues and come take your shot (or punch) with a challenging game of pool! While enjoying a snack and a drink, you can totally kick each other's ass. You will find pool tables in Stayokay Egmond, Rotterdam, Amsterdam Oost and The Hague, among others. So chalk up that cue and let the game begin! Also fun as a double date.