Beach Clean-up Tour: making the whole North Sea coast clean!

10 August 2016

For the second year running, Stayokay is a Beach Clean-up Tour partner (BCT) and organises the Stayokay stage.

The initiating body, The North Sea Foundation, plans to clean up the entire Dutch North Sea coast from Cadzand to Schiermonnikoog. Being the most sustainable hotel or hostel chain in the Netherlands means we really have a soft spot for this initiative.

Each day we walk along a stage of about nine kilometres picking up rubbish from the beach. Last year, 2015 participants collected no less than 11,555 kg of litter. This ‘plastic soup’ is now no longer able to get into the sea where each year it would otherwise cause so many unnecessary deaths among maritime creatures.

Stayokay stage

Following the huge success of last year, Stayokay and The North Sea Foundation are going to join forces again. The Stayokay stage starts in Egmond and finishes in Castricum. Participants will be given an environmentally-friendly, refillable Stayokay water pouch and 18% discount (representing 2x the stage distance) on their Stayokay stay. In addition, Stayokay sponsors a large number of stays for the teams who supervise the BCT volunteers.

Doing the right thing!

​Pepijn van der Mije, manager of the Stayokay hostels on Texel and in Egmond: “Under the title ‘Doing the right thing’ we would like to continue to encourage our guests, staff and suppliers to make sustainable choices. It’s all about aware­ness. The Beach Clean-up Tour initiative suits this perfectly given that our hostels are also located on the North Sea coast, so we ask our guests to take an active part in it. Start with yourself!”