Sun on the Zeeuwse Riviera

If you want to be guaranteed to see some sun, set off for Zoute­lande. This seaside town has the most sunshine hours of the Netherlands and is the only one to have a south-facing beach.

Together with the beaches of Westkapelle and Dishoek, this beach is also referred to as the Zeeuwse Riviera.

Fancy a bit of sunshine? Go to the Zoutelande beach, which has the most sunshine hours of the Netherlands.

Zoutelande? After the mega-hit of Dutch band Bløf, you won’t have to explain to anyone that Zoutelande is a Zeeuws seaside town on the Walcheren peninsula. The beach is beloved by sun worshippers as well as favoured by paragliders. The dunes of Zoutelande are the highest in the Netherlands, which means it’s often a pleasant temperature there, as the dunes stop the wind. There are several beach bars, such as Neptunus, on the beach for wine and mussels.

Hey, did you know?

Just like Domburg, Zoutelande was also favoured by great painters, like Piet Mondriaan. We mainly know him from the coloured fields and thick, black lines, but prior to that he painted plenty of dune landscapes. He frequently stayed in Zeeland, where he painted the church of Zouteland, for instance. This painting was auctioned in New York in 2013 for over one million euros.

  Strandpaviljoen Neptunus
Address: Strand Zoutelande 110, Zoutelande  
Open: check the website

Strandpaviljoen Neptunus